Benji Bounces Back
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Benji Bounces Back


Product Description

A Story About What It's Like to Need Physical Therapy

  • An easy, entertaining way to introduce your child to physical therapy
Benji Bounces Back is a richly illustrated book for children 5-12 about what it's like to receive physical therapy.

Benji is playing during a family picnic when he sprains his ankle. The family's doctor recommends physical therapy to make sure the sprain heals quickly and perfectly.

The story continues as Benji visits Kelly, a friendly physical therapist, for the first time. Kelly teaches Benji some tricks for walking with crutches and does some exercises with him that will help his ankle heal. We watch as Benji does his ankle exercises at home that look like fun, and his sister joins in!

Benji's experience helps you talk with your child about:
  • What happens in the hospital emergency room after an injury.
  • How injury assessment and exercises at a physical therapist's office help the healing process.
  • What physical therapy treatment might require at home.
  • Terminology a child might need to know.
By Smita Charate, Physical Therapist
Illustrations by Dan Dougherty

Large Format, Hard Bound

ISBN - 978-1-892696-51-9
High Tide Press Inc.
301 Veterans Parkway
New Lenox, IL 60451
Copyright 2015

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    “Having an effective and compassionate way to introduce children to the concept of physical therapy had been lacking. That is why I wholeheartedly endorse this book. Not only is it entertaining and well written, but it can alleviate the fear of the unknown for the child.” – Vasilike Sandas, M.D.

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