Kiss My Asparagus


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An essential guide to nutrition's role in health and disease. Barb Bancroft’s latest book, Kiss My Asparagus is a wise, sometimes hilarious handbook that stresses preventative choices and a healthy lifestyle. A powerful and effective guide to smart eating, the book is a must for every home and office library. Presented in an alphabetical format, the book covers topics ranging from apples and alcohol to zinc and zucchini, and everything in between. The fun, fact-filled tome is peppered with historical highlights, witty quotes and up-to-date evidence-based nutritional facts. Barb presents the newest information on calcium and vitamin D, the benefits of coffee in asthmatic patients and patients with Parkinson's disease, insulin resistance and weight gain, and the power of berries and beans. Barb's humor is infused throughout the book—you'll laugh your way to better nutrition.
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