Optimism for Autism: The Inspiring Journey of a Mother and her Autistic Son


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This book is an Amazon Best Seller How does a boy the doctors say is “mentally retarded” graduate high school with honors and earn academic scholarships to attend college? How does a boy who doctors say may never speak become a powerful vocalist and gifted public speaker who brings audiences to tears? How does a boy who cannot tie his shoes until he is 13 years old emerge as a swimming champion who receives an athletic scholarship to swim in college? Only by the grace and power of God. Learn from this inspirational story how you, too, can: • Not just survive but actually thrive in the midst of life’s ongoing challenges • Break the cycle of discouragement and depression and learn how to find peace and strength in your struggles • Stop agonizing over what could have been and embrace God’s plan for you and those you love • Replace the fear of failure with the truth that you can live in victory in the midst of adversity Patrick offers powerful insights into the autistic mind, and he and Susan hold out hope to anyone facing severe challenges. —Beth, certified special needs teacher ...tears were shed while reading this book. I loved it! ....this book has given me lots of hope. -Kelly, mother of an autistic child
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