Making Sense of ADHD – Dr. James Lewis

Making Sense of ADHD: Overcoming The Unique Conditions and The Complexity of Coexisting Conditions From High Tide Press


Dr. Lewis explains and makes sense of the latest science concerning ADHD and the conditions that tend to cluster around the diagnosis; he also shares the wisdom he’s earned through decades of treating patients and supporting their parents. Dr. Lewis encourages and provides the information for parents to take control of coordinating the many professionals who work with their child, so that child and family have a team on their side:

Parents - Doctors - Teachers Counselors – Coaches

Drawing on his vast experience, Dr. Lewis shares the steps required to set a patient on the path to the success, relationships, and optimism that they feared would always elude them. He shares his understanding that it takes a team and that only a parent (and, eventually, a patient) can coax a group of professionals into a team whose collective expertise allows their child to flourish. He’s watched it happen. He’s coached those parents. He’s supported and cheered those children as they grew into thriving adults. ADHD is often accompanied by other conditions that need to be teased out and treated. Dr. Lewis explains how to work with co-existing conditions if (and when) they occur:

ADHD through the lifespan, from preschool through adolescence into adulthood • Solving the puzzle of complicating conditions and circumstances • Working on the Medical Problem Solving System • Discovering and working with toxic stress reactions • Managing learning disabilities and disorganization • ADHD and Autism: When spectrums collide • Controlling nervous tics and constipation • Helping a child get the sleep they need • Working with medication • Calming anger and anxiety

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