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Making Money While Making a Difference Cold Cash for Warm Hearts
Richard Steckel has an international reputation as a consultant and speaker on nonprofit social enterprise and for-profit strategic corporate citizenship. Since 1984, he has developed earned income strategies, products and services for more than 300 for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Before founding the consulting firm AddVenture Network, he was Executive Director of the Denver Children's Museum, where he introduced innovative ideas that made the Museum a national model of the earned income approach to fundraising. He is the co-author of the best-selling book Filthy Rich: Turning Nonprofit Fantasies Into Cold, Hard Cash (revised second edition, 2001), Making Money While Making a Difference: How to Profit with a Nonprofit Partner(1999) and In Search of America's Best Nonprofits (1997). Dr. Steckel serves as a volunteer on the boards of the National Security Archives, Corporate Philanthropy Report, and NESsT (the Nonprofit and Self-sustainability Team). He was a director of E Source Corporation, a subsidiary of the Rocky Mountain Institute (which recently sold for $18,000,000). Also, Dr. Steckel is an associate with Sustainable Cities Trust (NZ). Prior to his tenure at the Denver Children's Museum, Dr. Steckel was a director of international programs for a Boston-based technical assistance organization, an adult educator, a community organizer on New York's Lower East Side, and a producer of public service media on social issues. Dr. Steckel holds a doctorate from Boston University, a Master's Degree in Social Work (Community Organization) from Adelphi University, and a Bachelor's Degree in History from the City University of New York (Brooklyn College).
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