Submission Guidelines

We publish titles on:

  • Behavioral health
  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Psychology
  • Nonprofit management
  • Leadership with a conscience

Please send a one–page query, giving a brief overview of the book, its market, and your work and educational background. If we are interested, we will request a book proposal. Please do not send a complete manuscript unless we request one.

Look through the High Tide books, and review the types of books we publish. Our mission is to educate and to promote best practices in the fields of human services, education, and healthcare. Our authors are working in their fields; they are experienced, creative and articulate leaders who offer guidance and wisdom to others.

Note: when querying via e-mail, please just give an overview of your book, its market, and your background. Please do not send attachments unless invited to do so.

Please send printed queries/proposals to:

Anne Ward – Director of Publications
High Tide Press
101 Hempstead Place Suite 1A
Joliet, Il 60433
Please send electronic queries/proposals to Submissions @

Should we request a book proposal from you, please send:

  • A one-page overview of the book
  • Two or three sample chapters
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline
  • Overview of photos or illustrations
  • Author’s background / credentials
  • Target completion date
  • Author’s contribution to marketing
  • Word count

Audience and market information should include:

Who is the audience?
What is the market for your book and how many potential buyers?
Who wants this book? Why do they want it? Why do they need it?
Do you have specific marketing ideas in mind?

Does your book help the reader?

How will this book benefit the buyer? How will it help them?
What need does it fill for the target market?

What makes your book unique?

What does your book offer that similar books do not? (Are there other books like yours?)
Does your book have more information? Is it more comprehensive, easier to use? What advantages does it have over the competition? Why will people buy your book instead of something else?
What existing or forthcoming titles compete with your book?

How will this book appeal to special markets/audiences?

List any special markets your book may have outside regular trade book channels (bookstores).
Could sales result from your contacts—associations, organizations, corporations, groups, hospitals, treatment centers, workshops, seminars or speaking engagements?
Which magazines or professional/trade journals may review your book or print articles by you which in turn promotes the book?
Do you have specific ideas for marketing your book?
How willing are you to be active in marketing your book?



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