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Welcome to Cherry Hill Bookstore.

One of the credos at Cherry Hill is: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
Education and innovation are crucial to growth in any organization.

What began as a way to purchase books for staff development at
Trinity Services, Inc. has grown into a specialized provider of
resources for leadership and best practices. The books, training
materials and videos we sell at Cherry Hill are the best you will find.
We sell them because we use them!

In the beginning we took a few books to a few local conferences. Today,
our multifaceted program sells through catalogs, online and at some
of the largest conferences in the country. We look forward to seeing you at one soon!

A primary goal of Cherry Hill Books is to positively influence the dialogue within the field, which it does in two ways. One, it does the research to make significant resources available. Two, it partners with High Tide Press to create significant works where none exist.

Now in its second decade, Cherry Hill Books continues this work, and to
advance the mission of Trinity Foundation.

Special orders are always welcome! We can obtain most titles overnight
and have them on their way to you the next day. Your special orders
become recommendations that help us continue to improve our selection. We can provide bulk quantities for your resale and use in your training events and for promotions too! If you are a book store or distributor request our reseller prices for High Tide books.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please run right now to your phone or computer to be in touch. We’re here to help and we love to talk books and training.

Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge
Cherry Hill Bookstore & High Tide Press

Cherry Hill Bookstore & High Tide Press are visions of Trinity Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to help fund the work of Trinity Services, Inc. It is also dedicated to educating professionals, managers, direct care workers and others who offer services and supports in the fields of intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavioral health, and nonprofit management.

Cherry Hill Bookstore partners with High Tide Press to create and distribute significant works where none exist. Other Cherry Hill partners include the Midewin Institute and the National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals.

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