Baker and Tabor

Steve Baker and Amy Tabor each have life-long careers in the world of human services. Their paths crossed in 1992 at a non-profit for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Chicago area and they have been working together ever since.
Steve and Amy started writing together in 1997 with their first book, Human Rights Committee: Keeping Organizations on Course. This work addresses the role of the HRC in organizations and how it can be effective in improving the lives of the people they support. It was published in 1999 and, in that same year, was translated into Chinese and Japanese versions.
In 2005, they collaborated again, with their second book, Scanning the Horizon: Using Organizational Data to Prevent Abuse and Neglect. The focus of this piece is to give organizations resources which, ultimately, keeps people safer while living full and abundant lives.
In 2006, their initial work was updated and titled, The Human Rights Committee: Staying on Course. This work is considered “the” primary resource on Human Rights Committees and a number of states have incorporated pieces into their performance standards.
Steve and Amy formalized their partnership with the creation of in 2007. Together, they make presentations at local, regional, state, national, and international conferences. Their goal is to provide resources and experiences so agencies have access to the best practices in the field. This is achieved by sharing information, tools, and exercises, as well as, interacting with other professionals in the field.
Currently they are collaborating on a third book.