Working with People with Challenging Behaviors (3rd ed.):


Learn a wealth of compassionate ideas to work with persons with emotionally fragile, agitated, socially disruptive, perseverative, aggressive and other behaviors. Includes methods for prevention, crisis management and training. Foreword by Thane Dykstra, Ph.D.

Are you an educator, support professional, case manager or family member who supports or serves a person with challenging behavior? If so, this manual is for you. With these clear instructions and lively examples, you can guide a person with behavior issues toward fulfilling relationships and greater choice and control in life.

Bring these proven techniques into the home, classroom, workplace or community setting, and you will soon learn to:

  • Anticipate and prevent predictable episodes
  • Guide, divert and distract a person out of an escalating episode
  • Train alternative coping skills
  • Encourage and appreciate the person’s strengths and unique progress
  • Calm the environment for others.

This new edition, suitable for education, behavioral health and disability professionals, offers a number of features. Seven new appendices and a lively new design make teaching and training easier than ever!

Features include:

1. Introduction to Values and Methods for Working with People with Challenging Behavior
2. Agitation, Distress and Panic Behaviors in People with Severe and Profound Developmental Disabilities
3. Resistive Behavior
4. Dependent Behavior: understanding and overcoming some special learning problems
5. Persistent, Repetitive Behavior: perseverative responding
6. Impulsive Behavior
7. Socially Disruptive, Attention-Seeking Behavior
8. Emotionally Fragile and Reactive Behavior: management and counseling of people with developmental disabilities
9. Violent, Aggressive and Destructive Behavior: loss of self-control
10. Challenging Sexual Behavior

A: Fundamental Training Approaches for a Person with Severe Intellectual Disability
B: The 6-Step Training Ladder: How to Support a Setback in Training
C: Working with Perfectionist Anxiety
D: Supporting Adults with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Similar Brain Dysfunction
E: How to Create a Safe Relationship Habit and a Serene Posture to Interrupt Extreme Behavior Episodes
F: A Brief Overview of Down Syndrome Dementia
G: Suggestions for Creating a “Prader-Willi Syndrome-Friendly” Place

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What others say about this book:

“The single biggest challenge when working with people with special needs is behavioral outbursts. Nathan Ory’s new book demonstrates a timely approach to behavior management, and redefines new goals of self-control and appropriate self-restraint.” –Karen Simmons, CEO, Autism Today, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Special Needs

“To produce this excellent manual, Nathan Ory has combined his decades of careful, methodical analysis of the motivations and ways of resistant behavior with a deep compassion and respect for each individual as a competent person. Catering not to pathologies and disabilities, but building on the person’s strengths, he offers a brilliantly strategic and creative method for effectively and skillfully managing the most difficult of behaviors. He uses rich, graphic metaphors that teach directly to the unconscious; insightful concepts that stimulate the intellect; and clear, practical, step-by-step interventions. His positive attitude instills self-confidence in both the person receiving support and the practitioner.” –Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist, Dept. of Psychology, University of California–Santa Cruz, Author, Mediating Child Custody Disputes, Editor, special issue, Family Court Review, “Special Needs Children in Family Court”

“Nathan Ory’s book, Working With People With Challenging Behaviors, has become a powerful tool in the delivery of both the theoretical and the practical components of the curriculum in the CEA (Education Assistant Certificate) program at Okanagan College. His book addresses all levels of behavior identification; both the obvious and the underlying causes and factors. It is easy to read and to understand. The breakdown into ten categories of behavior provides an easy-to-follow path toward understanding and working effectively with the individuals affected.” –Lorrie Forde, Continuing Studies Program Administrator Okanagan College, Penticton, British Columbia

“For clinicians and caregivers weaving their way through the lives of those with challenging behaviors, this text by Nathan Ory is an essential guide. Through emphatic eyes, Ory analyzes, problem-solves and guides caregivers and clinicians alike in understanding, reframing and responding to a wide range of problematic behaviors.” –Kim Barthel, BMR,OTR, Author, Evidence and Art: Merging Forces in Pediatric Therapy

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