Getting Involved in Choosing Staff


Getting Involved in Choosing Staff
A Resource Pack for Supporters, Trainers, and Staff Working with People Who Have Developmental Disabilities
“The easy answer to ‘why involve?’ is because it means you recruit better staff. The time to start involving people with learning difficulties in recruitment is now!”  —Townsley, Howarth, LeGrys and Macadam

Attract and retain staff everyone can feel good about!

This innovative training pack will guide your team of employees and clients as they recruit and hire a new employee.
Activities include:

  • learning to work as a group
  • designing want ads and information packets about the agency
  • understanding prejudice and equal opportunity employment
  • inviting the potential employee in to meet everyone
  • informing the candidate that he/she has been chosen
  • and more.

Each of the 26
Activities will foster understanding and participation by the persons you support and serve. Illustrations, supply lists and suggested time frames are included.

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Table of Contents

Introduction AcknowledgementSection 1 – Getting started
Why involve people with developmental disabilities in choosing staff?
How can people with developmental disabilities be involved in the recruitment process?
How much time will it take?
The importance of training
Involving unions and the human resources department
Who will support people?
The role of the support person
Drawing and writing with people with developmental disabilities
Don’t be put off!

Section 2 – Activities for discussion and training
Activity 1: Working as a group
Activity 2: Why do we need a new worker?
Activity 3: What is a job?
Activity 4: The job and the person – drawing up a job description and job title
Activity 5: Telling people about the job – creating an advertisement
Activity 6: Telling people about the agency – making an information pack for candidates
Activity 7: Designing the application form
Activity 8: Asking for references
Activity 9: Police checks
Activity 10: Deciding whom to interview
Activity 11: Writing to candidates
Activity 12: The format of the interview day
Activity 13: Confidentiality
Activity 14: Equal opportunity
Activity 15: Making a list of questions
Activity 16: Asking questions
Activity 17: Listening and remembering
Activity 18: Giving people a score
Activity 19: Role playing the interview
Activity 20: What’s it like to be interviewed?
Activity 21: Coping with tiredness and nervousness
Activity 22: Making the final decision
Activity 23: Telling people about the final decision
Activity 24: Practical arrangements for the interview day
Activity 25: After the day, successes and difficulties
Activity 26: Other ways for people with developmental disabilities to get involved

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