Feel Our Freedom – Houser – Lowenstein


Feel Our Freedom
Communities and Connections for People with Developmental Disabilities
text by Alisa Hauser Kraft, photographs by Jon Lowenstein

“Being totally independent, that’s the main dream that I am hoping for.  That’s the dream I like to think about.” – Jeff Mitterling in Feel Our Freedom

In Feel Our Freedom: Communities and Connections for People with Developmental Disabilities, photographer Jon Lowenstein captures the poignant, the amusing, the inspiring, and the everyday rhythm in the lives of more than 40 adults. Writer Alisa Hauser Kraft helps them share their stories and their feelings.

These are not “poster child” stories. Every person profiled faces, head-on, the very real challenges of life with a disability. Each of them is moving towards greater choice, dignity and meaning in life. Their stories will inspire and inform you and others in your organization, your family or your community.

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