Fund Raising for Social Service Agencies


Fund Raising
for Social Service Agencies
by Roberta Nelson-Walker - now Roberta E. Klein

Spend your time improving services, not cutting them

Is your organization covering operational expenses and expanding funding sources as effectively as possible? Is your board getting better and better at raising agency visibility, maintaining accurate databases, and using volunteers effectively? Find out what you can do as the government cuts budgets and donors tighten their purse strings in an uncertain financial climate. Learn the best ways to fund your programs through a continually expanding base of financial supports. Fund Raising for Social Service Agencies is a gold mine of proven fund-raising strategies that today's most successful organizations use to plan their future. These include:
  • attracting major donors
  • organizing capital campaigns
  • developing planned giving
  • establishing foundations
  • social venture philanthropy
  • special events
Author Roberta Nelson-Walker's work in nonprofit organizations includes fund raising, development and executive management. She has helped to establish several public charities, public support foundations and private foundations. She has also worked as an individual and family financial advisor.
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Table of Contents

    1. Charitable Giving: A Brief History 2. Building the Human Service Agency 3. Barriers to Successful Fund Raising 4. Raising the Visibility of the Agency 5. Fund-Raising Strategies 6. Maintaining an Accurate Database 7. Creating an Alumni Association 8. Attracting Major Donors 9. Understanding Foundations 10. Creating a Support Foundation and Its Board 11. Organizing a Capital Campaign 12. Developing Planned Giving 13. Social Venture Philanthropy 14. Establishing a Non-Cash Gift Policy 15. Putting Volunteers to Work 16. Volunteer and Donor Recognition Appendix Notes References


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