Getting IT Done Right


By Vincent Pettinelli

Pragmatic wisdom for human service managers

Getting It Done Right, unlike general management books, focuses on the issues uniquely faced by human service managers. Vincent Pettinelli encourages human service professionals to fully realize their commitment to the highest quality services by dedicating themselves to mastering essential management skills.

Getting IT Done Right is an invaluable guide for any Human Service Manager—or any employee considering a move into leadership. Human Services is an environment with diverse constraints and frequently conflicting demands. Leaders are called on to solve problems not commonly found in other fields.

Getting IT Done Right addresses key issues in human service management, such as:

  • How to create a successful team
  • The role of a manager in human services today
  • How to handle the complexities of government bureaucracies, unions, and trade associations
  • The financial challenges of balancing client needs with available resources
  • Why it is critical to understand your numbers and your financial system
  • The politics of publicly funded systems
  • Challenges with finances in human services, accountability, and the importance of people knowing how their charity and tax dollars are being spent
  • The importance of measuring positive changes for your clients
  • How human service leaders need to manage their time
  • The power of creating and coordinating support systems
  • How to motivate employees to do their best by creating a positive culture
  • What to consider when deciding whether or not to move into management

ISBN 978-1-892696-62-5
204 Pages

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