Home Maintenance for Residential Service Providers


Home Maintenance for Residential Service Providers
"In addition to all the usual cash drains on agency resources, executive directors are finding that they must spend more and more money to maintain the homes and day program sites." – Nathan Cohen
The work of maintaining community homes and facilities can be orderly and efficient. This guide shows agencies how to accomplish tasks just as a commercial landlord would, from acquiring a home, to performing essential maintenance, to keeping the home operating smoothly. All rooms and house systems, both indoors and outdoors, are covered. This guide includes checklists and other resources for total management, including:
  • heavy housekeeping tasks
  • short-term repair or renovation projects
  • multi-year capital replacements.
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Format: spiral-bound
Pages: 43
ISBN: 978-1-892696-6-0

Table of Contents

IntroductionBackground The Agency as a Property Manager The Nature of Homes for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Accessibility; Behavioral Problems; Increased Wear and Usage The Maintenance that Must Be Performed – Yearly Preventative and Operational Maintenance – Preventative Maintenance; Immediate or Unscheduled Maintenance; Site Maintenance; Heavy Housekeeping When an Agency Becomes a Commercial Landlord How to Accomplish the Required Maintenance Capital Renovations to a Home Operating the Home Acquiring a New Home Conclusions Check Lists for All House Systems, Exterior and Interior – House Systems – Exterior – Dining, Living and Recreation Rooms – Bedrooms – Kitchen – Bathrooms Multi-Year Capital Replacement Schedule Five-Year Capital Replacement Plan
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