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Start today to make—or remake—your HRC into a powerful cornerstone for full and abundant living for the persons you serve.

  • Ensure that the person receiving services understands his/her rights
  • Select insightful committee members
  • Schedule and conduct meetings for maximum effectiveness
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Tackle both the unusual and the everyday
  • Keep accurate records, and more!

Are the persons you serve exercising “little c” choices or “Big C” choices? A highly effective human rights committee (HRC) ensures the Big C options. This book offers the QMRP, case manager, executive, or program director more than just tips for starting and maintaining an HRC.

“This book, now in its fourth iteration, remains the quintessential blueprint for establishing HRCs, executing the function, and enfranchising all stakeholders to protect human dignity and fundamental rights. From its historical backdrop to the step-by-step recipe for designing an effective HRC, this book is the “go-to” resource for all persons engaged in the complex world of health care and service provision for the mentally challenged and disabled.”

“To avoid rubber-stamping, and to gain the support needed to do an effective job, the HRC must have an open, accessible process; a commitment to dialogue; and each committee member’s willingness to be a resource rather than a gatekeeper.” — Steve Baker and Amy Tabor

– Timothy M. Moore, MD, Ph.D., Department Head, Department of Drug Discovery and Development, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University

“This timely update of Human Rights Committees not only adds new tools for practitioners but also should be on the reading lists for students planning for careers in the field of disability services.”
– Jack King, MAPA, Director of Student Professional Development, Northern Illinois University

“Every Human Rights Committee member needs to be provided with a copy of Human Rights Committees: From Compliance to Cultural Commitment to enhance their understanding of the history and importance of the HRC. This book is an invaluable tool for assisting the HRC to organize and function in a way that upholds its values and mission–to assure the rights and well-being of the individuals they support. The resources and tools the book offers will assist any HRC. I would, and frequently have, recommended providers purchase it for their HRC members.”
– Catherine Hayes, President, H&W Independent Solutions”

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