From Inquiry to Insight: Preventing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation


This Third and updated Edition is time-proven and one of our most popular training tools.

Revised and updated to focus on today’s challenging issues of preventing abuse, neglect, and exploitation, this Dialogue Deck program helps staff delve into the causes and prevention of abuse and neglect. Dialogues designed to bring mindfulness to everyday activities that may be unknowingly neglectful or even leaning toward abuse.

Dialogue discussion cards get your staff involved in deeply discussing and examining the thinking, approaches, and procedures that can contribute to abuse and neglect. The discussion raises awareness and challenges the group to explore how to prevent bad things from happening.

Easily integrated into other training programs or used as stand-alone training. Inquiry to Insight includes 52 dialogue discussion cards and a revamped 110-page facilitation guide with a bookshelf box for easy storage and transport while keeping all elements together.

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