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e-Book - Video
Kindness day is a "holiday" to honor and appreciate the people in your organization. It's your holiday when employees come to work and celebrate their coworkers’ good qualities, kind acts, and contributions to their teams and projects.

You already have everything you need to celebrate Kindness Day—people, paper, a little money and positive feedback for those with whom you work. Trinity Services in New Lenox, Illinois, established the employee holiday over fifteen years ago, and it is still going strong. Every year employees look forward to the notes, the flowers and the warmth that appreciation always brings.

All you need to do is set aside one day each year for the celebration. Use the paper to create attractive, blank Kindness Day note-cards; make or identify some well-placed mailboxes to gather the cards; and recruit volunteers to sort and deliver the cards. And if you like, include some carnations to go along with them.

Then, stand back and watch the cheer and goodwill spread throughout your organization. Kindness is something we all appreciate. Those moments when we receive the pat on the back or gift that communicates appreciation are memories that we store in our minds that color our view of the world and actually enhance our well-being. We feel great when we receive a kindness and even greater when we gift it to another.

Your employees will remember Kindness Day with good feelings throughout the year. After all, every one of us wants to be encouraged, to know that we are valued and appreciated.

This e-book w/embedded video will help you get your program going and excite your people about this unique and effective vehicle for staff to express their appreciation.


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