Lessons in Grief & Death


Lessons in Grief and Death
Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in the Healing Process
by Linda Van Dyke, illustrations by Sharon B. Suess

Facing a death loss is never easy; for a person with a disability, the burden is often greater. But, this burden can be lightened significantly with knowledge-based support and a generous helping of kindness.

This book features a three-fold approach:

  • A description of the grief counseling process
  • Dozens of activities–including art, music, and drama– that can be used to help a person through the grief process
  • Nine uplifting stories of real individuals coping with a variety of deaths losses.

Inside you will find:

Part One
Chapter 1. Randy’s Story: Lessons for Healing after a Sudden Death
Chapter 2. Dominic’s Story: Lessons for Healing after the Loss of a Parent
Chapter 3. Danny’s Story: Creating a Ritual that is Meaningful to the Individual
Chapter 4. Danny and Alex’s Story: Helping an Individual Deal with the Death of a Child
Chapter 5. Debbie’s Story: Lessons for Dealing with Extreme Reactions as a Result of Loss
Chapter 6. Hurting Times: Lessons for Dealing with Tragic Current Events
Chapter 7. Linda’s Story: Helping a Staff Person Heal after a Loss
Chapter 8. The Senior Group’s Story: Lessons for Helping an Individual Heal after the Loss of a Peer
Chapter 9. The Day Program’s Story: Lessons for Helping a Group Heal after a LossPart Two
Effective Techniques for Grief Counseling
The Van Dyke Model for Grief Counseling for Persons with DD
Appendix A. Living with the Death Experience: Useful Words for Teaching Adults with DD
Appendix B. The Life Cycle
Suggested Readings

These poignant stories are from the lives of real people. They offer valuable lessons about the cycle of life and the power of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to master this deep emotional challenge.

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“This is a fantastic resource… We are currently providing services to many individuals who have disabilities and are having difficulty dealing with grief.”  – Kim Stefura, Rehoboth Christian Ministries, Stony Plain, AB, Canada


“This book is a MUST for ANYONE trying to explain death and grief to people with developmental disabilities! It is filled with clear, concise, simply written information, explanations and activities that will help guide the bereaved to a place of hope and healing. A balloon for Linda Van Dyke!” – Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D., GMS, CHT, President & Co-Founder, Grief Inc


Lessons in Grief and Death is a real wake-up call for those who are doing grief support work… Linda provides sensitive insights and practical ideas for helping this often under-served and overlooked population.” – Andrea Gambill, Editor, Grief Digest


“Linda’s words brought tears to my eyes because of her depth of compassion and her special gift of helping disabled individuals understand grief! Thank you, Linda!” – Kelly A. Baltzell, M.A., beyondindigo.com


“Linda Van Dyke… looks at a person (any person) and sees the image of God. She learns her name, she learns to care for her, and she receives life from her. On the pages of this book, you will find Linda’s heart, faith, knowledge and experience as a person who encounters disabled people daily on their terms. You will receive wisdom from Linda as a person who finds value in other people, and with that discovery comes a broadening of life for her and those with whom she comes into contact.” – Rev. Owen Cayton, First Christian Church, South Bend, IN


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