Creating a Meaningful Day


By Linda Cofield-Van Dyke

Discover a new world of meaning for adults with significant intellectual disabilities

These proven, step-by-step activity plans will help you eliminate boredom and the endless search for ideas. For years, Linda Cofield-Van Dyke’s outstanding day program has amazed those who watched. Now, you can put her lively, educational ideas to use to improve quality of life – not only for persons you serve, but also for the communities in which they live.

Each unit features a materials list, clear instructions, objective list, and tips for enhancing the social and educational experience. Plus, Linda offers dozens of suggested resources, such as musical selections, online resources, and documentation aids for tracking outcomes for program participants.

This curriculum starter pack features 96 unique lessons, in topic areas such as:

  • Socializing
  • Athletics
  • Nature awareness
  • Community service
  • Drama
  • Visual arts
  • Creative movement
  • Storytelling
  • And much more!
ISBN 978-1-892696-40-3
290 Pages

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