Creating a Meaningful Day


Creating a Meaningful Day
An Innovative Curriculum for Adults with Significant Intellectual Disabilities

Discover a New World of Meaning

Linda Cofield-Van Dyke’s outstanding work with adults with significant intellectual disabilities is now available as a full curriculum.

Each unit features a materials list, clear instructions, objectives list, and tips for enhancing the social and educational experience.

Linda’s work–and yours–is not just about materials, schedules and checklists. It’s about relationships. It’s about passion. It’s about the special nature of each of us, and each day that we are alive.

The 96 unique lessons in the starter pack include activities for:

  • Socializing
  • Athletics
  • Nature awareness
  • Drama
  • Visual arts
  • Creative movement
  • Storytelling
  • Community
  • Music

…and more! Plus, Linda offers dozens of resources, such as musical selections, online resources, and documentation aids for tracking the daily progress of your participants.

The expandable binder format keeps you organized, and allows for supplemental activities from future packs. Get started now, and end the boredom and hours of sitting!

Price: $69.95
Format: hardcover binder
Pages: 290
ISBN: 978-1-892696-40-3
Order number: HT26

What others say about this book:

“What I love about the curriculum is that it teaches support people how to develop relationships. It is bigger than ‘here are 96 activities you can do with people’…. a real winner…!!” – Shirley Paceley, Blue Tower Training Center

“I work with agencies Linda has worked with. I have seen the success in so many ways. Her method of communication is for all people. She does not let the lack of words get in her way… We are the ones with the disability, who refuse to discover their method of communication…. Every day she had something for them to participate in, something to have them create a meaningful day for themselves…. Her writings are right from her experience. And they’re practical, inexpensive ways of expressing, of doing. She thoroughly, thoroughly enjoys what she’s doing and she’s a wonderful leader.” – Orieda Horn Anderson, Therapist, Author, Consultant

“Linda Van Dyke… looks at a person (any person) and sees the image of God. She learns her name, she learns to care for her, and she receives life from her. On the pages of this book, you will find Linda’s heart, faith, knowledge and experience as a person who encounters disabled people daily on their terms. You will receive wisdom from Linda as a person who finds value in other people, and with that discovery comes a broadening of life for her and those with whom she comes into contact.” – Rev. Owen Cayton, First Christian Church, South Bend, IN

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