Making Money While Making a Difference


Making Money While Making a Difference
How to Profit with a Nonprofit Partner
“Nonprofit organizations have countless opportunities to align their interests with those of enlightened corporations. Richard Steckel is at the cutting edge of aligning these mutual self-interests in ways that are fun and profitable to both parties.”
– Michael L. Ainslie, President & CEO, Sotheby’s Holding

For all the talk of worsening corporate ethics, many companies are improving their social responsibility. Making Money While Making a Difference describes some of these companies, and offers business people a step-by-step way to both increase their contribution to the public good and improve their bottom line.

This clear, engaging guide to profit-nonprofit partnerships covers:

  • Choosing a cause
  • Choosing a nonprofit partner
  • Developing a campaign
  • Setting goals
  • Getting employees on board
  • Budgeting for, publicizing and evaluating the program.
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Table of Contents


Part I > Strategic Alliances: Cause-Related Marketing
1. Why Engage in Cause-Related Marketing?
2. Why Engage in Strategic Corporate Citizenship?
3. Do the Right Thing Or Else!
4. The Dangers of Strategic Alliances

Part II > Strategic Alliance Options
5. Cause-Related Marketing
6. Sponsorship
7. Premiums
8. Licensing
9. Vendor Relationships
10. Employee Volunteering
11. In-Kind Donations
12. Strategic Philanthropy
13. There Are No Rules!

Part III > A Nonprofit Primer
14. Nonprofits
15. Entrepreneurial Nonprofits
16. How to Work with a Nonprofit Partner

Part IV > How to Engage in Successful Strategic Alliances
17. Getting Down to It
18. Setting Goals
19. Picking a Cause
20. Picking a Nonprofit Partner
21. Getting Employees on Board
22. Developing a Campaign
23. One-Shot Campaigns vs. Multi-Layered Ventures
24. Budgeting for a Joint Venture
25. More than Money
26. Telling the Public What You’re Doing
27. Evaluating Your Campaign
28. Putting It All Together: A Hypothetical Campaign
29. Conclusion


“In a time when so many corporations are searching for ways to imporove their perception in the marketplace, along with their profits, Making Money While Making a Difference makes an invaluable contribution to American business practice.”
– Joan Shapiro, Senior Vice President, South Shore Bank of Chicago
“On the subject of bridge-building between business objectives and social action, Richard Steckel is the international guru. His thinking is ingenious, imaginative, and practical. It’s logical and rational and it has a heart. In brief, I’m a fan.”
– John Drummond, Director of Communications, United Utilities

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