Doing What Comes Naturally?


Doing What Comes Naturally?
Dispelling Myths and Fallacies about Sexuality and People with Disabilities
“Eventually, people with disabilities are denied the right to participate in loving relationships. Fear, control and denial are the real culprits of ignorance, oddity and victimization.” &ndash Orieda Horn Anderson

Although the desire to love and be loved is innate, the ability to engage in healthy sexual relationships is not. Doing What Comes Naturally? is not just about intercourse and genitalia. It is about engaging in relationships; it is about self-esteem.

Orieda Horn Anderson addresses topics such as signs of sexual abuse, sexual incident reporting and counseling techniques. She shares stories of success from situations that seemed impossible, and persons who seemed incapable of learning or modifying their behavior. These informative anecdotes show the hope and potential of not only the people Ms. Anderson has counseled, but many, many persons waiting for the proper supports.

A longtime sex educator who is still working well into her 80’s, Orieda has created a compassionate and practical guide for social workers, counselors, families and anyone who supports or cares about a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Table of Contents

    IntroductionPart I
Sexuality: Breaking Down Barriers &ndash Myths and Fallacies

1. Sexuality is an Important Part of Every Person’s Life
2. Sex and People with Developmental Disabilities
3. Why Sexuality Must be Taught
4. Examining Our Attitudes About SexPart II
Strategies for Teaching People with DD about their Sexuality

5. Knowing What to Teach
6. Tools and Methods
7. Counseling Techniques (especially in cases of abuse)Conclusion
Assessment Questions

What others say about this book:

“Her candid, informed, accessible text is dramatic, scientific, insightful, and at times surprising. Doing What Comes Naturally? is enthusiastically recommended reading for health care professionals, men and women with developmental disabilities, and those that love and care for them.” – The Midwest Book Review

“Orieda advocates strongly for thorough and sensitive sex education of persons with disabilities. Doing What Comes Naturally? describes what happens when education is lacking; including sexual abuse, behavior problems, relationship issues, and untreated physical conditions. One minute she is like your grandmother, telling you interesting stories. Later she is a powerful minister preaching truths about life. Orieda can touch your soul with her honesty and insights.” – Shirley Paceley, Blue Tower Training Center




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