Organizational Mascots


Ever hear someone say, “It’s all about people?” If it is all about the people, then how do we want to be together? How can we best behave in the good times and in the bad times? Everything that matters flows from how we answer the question, How do we want to be together?

When we are talking about being together, we are talking about our interpersonal relationships. In organizations, relationships are carried out between fellow employees, between employees and leaders or managers, between organizational members and their customers or those they serve. Our transformative goal in all instances should be to strengthen our relationships and bring greater joy and love to the workplace.

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, says in his 2011 book Flourish, “Very little that is positive is solitary. When was the last time you laughed uproariously? The last time you felt indescribable joy? The last time you sensed profound meaning and purpose? The last time you felt enormously proud of an accomplishment? Even without knowing the particulars of these high points in your life, I know their form—all of them took place around other people.”

So the question is, “How Do We Want to Be Together?”

One of the HOW DO WE WANT TO BE TOGETHER Learning and Leadership Series.

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