Organizational Mascots


Ever hear someone say, “It’s all about people?” If it is all about the people, then how do we want to be together? How can we best behave in the good times and in the bad times? Everything that matters flows from how we answer the question, How do we want to be together?

You will find that an organizational mascot is first and foremost FUN! The possibilities for its use are almost endless, because you can capitalize on the physical mascot itself as well as its persona, personality and imagery through internal events, social media or community appearances, to name a few. Choosing a mascot and implementing its use require careful thought and decision-making. Many organizations, including human services, haven’t ever considered the idea, but it’s one that has immediate and long-term benefits. In this tool, we’ll explore how this initiative can improve your organizational culture.

One of the HOW DO WE WANT TO BE TOGETHER Learning and Leadership Series.

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