Outcome Management


Outcome Management
Achieving Outcomes for People with Disabilities
"Written with gentle, practical, and frequently humorous insight that draws heavily from his tenure as president of Trinity Services, Art Dykstra provides both the philosophical underpinnings and the nuts-and-bolts steps that managers can take to keep their attention focused on the process for achieving the prize, which, thankfully, by his own admission, is never fully attainable." – Jerry Harvey, Ph.D., author of The Abilene Paradox
  How can leaders support and maintain the compassion and active involvement of those providing services alongside them? How can we achieve the best possible outcomes for persons with varying needs and abilities–persons who are pursuing individual goals? What type of learning, risk-taking, relationship-building and personal responsibility are involved? Art Dykstra answers these questions with humor and deep insight. He demonstrates a focus that never wavers from the best possible outcomes for persons served by a human services organization. His strategies, which are based on a creative learning environment and a commitment to excellence, inspire and energize employees. Art Dykstra is President and CEO of Trinity Services, Inc., recognized by the American Psychological Association in 2007 for best practices in the Psychologically Healthy Workplace program.
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What others say about this book:

"I am reading Outcome Management for the third time. Art Dykstra is a powerful voice in the field of disabilities. A fun and easy read that is all about doing the right thing and doing it well." – Karen Ostrom, Case Manager/Mentor
 "I've often wondered if values can be taught. In Outcome Management Art Dykstra succeeds in describing what it means to be 'value-driven.' I found that I wanted to highlight almost every sentence. If respect and trust and the human values that result in agencies of true excellence can be taught, this book does it!" – Joni Fritz, Former Executive Director, American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR)
 "Art Dykstra has written an outstanding book about leadership in complex community organizations. The book is filled with novel and practical ideas, with humor and humane values. Outcome Management is engagingly written by one of the most thoughtful, experienced, and committed leaders in the disability field. I highly recommend it ot managers and parents, students and scholars." – David Braddock, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago
 "The wise sage has finally done it! He has written a book that chronicles the years of sacrifice, practice, and persistence devoted to fashioning the path for organizational and personal empowerment and productivity. Dykstra provides an inspiring framework for assisting organizations who seek improvement, empowerment, and renewed stewardship. For both new and seasoned leaders this book is an excellent guide for determining our readiness for the next 'wave'–that is, achieving the right outcomes." – Shawn E. Jeffers, Executive Director, Little City Foundation

Table of Contents
Introduction by James F. Gardner, Ph.D. Preface: Raising Zucchinis 1. Why Outcomes? 2. Continuous Quality Improvement 3. Successful Relationships 4. Exploration 5. Personal Responsibility 6. A Learning Orientation 7. So What Is Outcome Management? 8. Getting Started 9. Barriers to Implementation Clinical Issues & Insights 10. The Service Agreement 11. The Self-Assessment 12. The Individual Service Plan 13. The Personal Record 14. Outcome Evaluation Issues of Management 15. Producing Quality 16. A Learning Organization 17. Risk-Taking 18. Recognition Partnership  
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