Person-Centered Planning – Mary Mercer


Person-Centered Planning
Helping People with Disabilities Achieve Personal Outcomes

Planning in the lives of people with developmental disabilities has moved beyond the “do this, do that” model of the past. A person now has the choice to dream about and work towards a meaningful life of stimulation, fulfillment, self-determination, individuation and satisfaction. But, without a focused plan that serves the needs and wishes of the person and not the system, service providers fail to help people with disabilities to exercise those options.

Help your managers and support staff to:

  • Understand the shift from system-centered to person-centered
  • Consider different methods of person-centered planning
  • Choose the best approach for their team
  • Learn who is involved in the process
  • Help the persons they serve to reach their goals
  • Help the persons they serve to articulate their dreams and nightmares
  • Move beyond planning to action
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of the team.
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Table of Contents


What is Person-Centered Planning?
A Departure from Traditional Planning
Foundations of Person-Centered Planning
Different Styles of Planning

Keeping the Person at the Center
A Consistent Perspective
Who Does the Planning?
How and Where to Meet
Supporting the Person’s Decision Making

Sharing the Responsibilities

Creating a Person-Centered Plan
Developing a Shared Understanding
Planning and Designing Supports
Moving from Planning to Action
Evaluating, Celebrating and Revising

Threats to Person-Centered Planning

Making It Happen

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