Planned Giving for Social Service Agencies


Planned Giving for Social Service Agencies
by Roberta Nelson-Walker – now Roberta Klein
“More and more wealthy people are choosing to give to the charities that fulfill the goals that are important to them personally rather than make an involuntary but mandatory gift to the government.” –Roberta Nelson-Walker

Prepare your organization for major gifts! This book is for directors, board members, financial advisors, development officers and major donors who care about their social service organizations.

Roberta Nelson-Walker has helped many individuals and organizations prepare for, donate, accept and manage major donations. In this book, she shares ideas for organizations that wish to develop a thoughtful, effective planned giving program. And, she explains the options for donors who are currently planning, either because they wish to look after the needs of a loved one after they are gone, or they wish donate to a nonprofit organization rather than the government (in the form of estate taxes or other taxes).

Help stakeholders and leaders understand the critical role that planned gifts can play today to secure your organization’s financial future. Use this guide to educate people and build donor legacies that everyone can feel good about.

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Table of Contents

1. Simple Planned Giving
2. Areas of Concern
3. Donors
4. Forms of Gifts
5. Examples of Non-cash Gifts
6. Reasons for Giving
7. Conflicts That May Arise
8. Leading the Program
9. Special Needs Trust
10. Starting the Program
11. Leave a Legacy

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