Reading and Self-Esteem


By Barbara Priddy Guyer, Ed.D. and Kenneth Guyer, Ph.D.

Learn about the vital connection between reading ability and self-esteem

Reading is central in our culture. We equate the ability to read and write with intelligence. Furthermore, reading is a basic building block of learning and an essential skill in every profession. So it’s not surprising that children and adults with learning disabilities are especially vulnerable to poor self-esteem.

Barbara Guyer has devoted her professional life to the success of people who have learning disabilities. InĀ Reading and Self-Esteem, she and Kenneth Guyer have given us a remarkably comprehensive guide for teachers, parents, coaches, and anyone who struggles with learning. Through research, case studies, and stories, they lay out a roadmap for people who face reading ad self-esteem challenges. They reveal what it takes to remove obstacles and pursue success.

ISBN 978-1-892696-44-1
299 Pages

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