Scanning The Horizon


Scanning the Horizon
Using Organizational Data to Prevent Abuse, Neglect and exploitation of
People with Intellectual Disabilities

The statistics are grim. A person with an intellectual disability is much more likely to suffer abuse or neglect than a person without a disability. Too often, they suffer as a result of – or in spite of – the efforts of those of us who provide them services and supports. Scanning the Horizon helps root out abuse, neglect and exploitation  in organizations that serve vulnerable people. This practical, internally-driven method enables you to uncover and examine critical data about the persons served and your paid staff. It includes:

  • A practical discussion of the challenges you face
  • A scale that reveals your staff’s valuable, subjective data (based on “gut feelings”)
  • 20 objective indicators of issues and concerns
  • Ideas for creating operational definitions that will work in your organization
  • A grid for mapping out areas of potential trouble
  • Sample charts and worksheets
  • Dozens of learning and training resources for management and staff

Don’t let issues such as involved personal care, fiscal vulnerability, down time and behavioral patterns interfere with the best possible outcomes for persons you serve. The methods in this book are backed by the authors’ wide experience in serving and supporting persons with disabilities.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Storms on the Horizon
Severe Weather Watches
A History of Services
Organizational ResponsesPart 2. Scanning the Organization
Before Starting the Assessment
The Tolerance Scale
Conducting the Scan
The Scan: People Supported
The Scan: Paid Staff
A Progressive Response

Part 3. Reducing Vulnerability and Developing Interventions
Resources for Change
Resources: People Supported
Resources: Paid Staff
It’s a Wrap!

A: Operational Definitions for People Supported Worksheet
B: Operational Definitions for Paid Staff Worksheet
C: People Supported Data Sheet
D: Paid Staff Data Sheet
E: Recording Data Quick Reference Guide

What others say about this book:

“I just finished reading Scanning the Horizon and am most grateful that you put this valuable information into a formal, systematic resource for other organizations to utilize. I am looking forward to using the book to further improve our incident and abuse prevention and identification processes. We appreciate the work you have done in helping others provide safe, high quality services to people with intellectual disabilities.”
– Tonya L. Griffin, MS
Director of Quality Assurance

Looking for immediate help with your abuse or neglect challenge? Contact authors Steve Baker or Amy Tabor

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