Scanning The Horizon


By Amy Tabor and Steve Baker

Using organizational data to prevent abuse and neglect of people with intellectual disabilities

Although much has changed for the better in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, the risk of abuse and neglect remains ever-present. As a manager or CEO, your top priority is avoiding harm to the people you serve and support. But, do you have the resources necessary to minimize the threat?

Scanning the HorizonĀ helps address abuse and neglect in organizations that serve vulnerable people by examining organizational precursors that are commonly associated with abuse and neglect. This practical, internally-driven method helps you uncover and examine critical data about the people you support and your paid staff. At your fingertips, you will find:

  • A practical discussion of the challenges you face, by two leaders in the field
  • A scale that reveals valuable subjective data (based on “gut feelings”)
  • 20 key indicators of issues and concerns, such as involved personal care, fiscal vulnerability, down time, and behavioral issues
  • Guidelines for creating the operational definitions that best communicate your organization’s early warning radar system
  • A grid for graphically displaying areas of high risk for abuse and neglect
  • Sample charts and worksheets
  • Dozens of learning and training resources for management and staff?

ISBN 1-892696-34-7
93 Pages

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