Service & Supports Agreements


Service & Support Agreements
The Foundation for Futures Planning
"Stumbling blocks fade away when the parties stress a need for openness. There should be no surprises. The agency spokesperson should ask the parents what their primary concerns are." — Art Dykstra
A well-crafted service and support agreement can contribute significantly to the quality of life for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability. Major issues will occasionally arise between a provider of services and the person served. How well they are resolved depends on how well expectations and responsibilities were discussed and agreed to beforehand. Service and Support Agreements covers essential concerns such as which services or program areas will be provided, the specific supports to be included, communications, medical services and financial services. A sample agreement form is included.
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Table of Contents
Introduction Why Have a Service & Support Agreement? A Comment About Promising The Use of Language Barriers to Achievement Developing a Service & Support Agreement A Preliminary Consideration The Essential Elements Statement of Services & Supports Service & Support Agreement – Cover Sheet – Support or Program Area (Major) – Relevant Supports – Communications – Medical Services – Financial Services – Summary A Note About Appeals Rewards and Benefits A Final Note Service & Support Agreement Templates – Service & Support Agreement for the Community Living Program (Individual) – Service & Support Agreement for the Community Living Program (Parent/Guardian)
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