Suzie Brown Intervention Maze


The Suzie Brown Intervention Maze
A Training Tool for Staff Working with People with Developmental Disabilities Who Have Challenging Needs
“Two weeks later you find that some staff are not using the strategy correctly, while others report that this new approach makes her worse. What will you do now?” – John Shephard

This tool takes workers and managers beyond simple “do this, do that” instructions for dealing with risky, self-defeating or challenging behaviors. It offers staff a highly interactive method of solving problems and planning for better outcomes.

A hypothetical client, Suzie Brown, lives in a home with five other adults who also have developmental disabilities. She has no speech and is prone to self-injury. Her increasing behavior is causing distress for Suzie and everyone else, and all the usual pacifiers no longer work. So, what is staff to do next?

The maze offers a group process for decision-making. Each page presents a new scenario and options for helping Suzie move forward. A decision log helps the group track their progress, and the binder format allows for easy storage and sharing of information.

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