Suzie Brown Intervention Maze


By John Shephard

A training tool for staff working with people with developmental disabilities who have challenging needs

This exercise is designed for use as an integral part of a training event for helping staff to understand and respond to challenging behavior. Suzie Brown is a fictional service user who presents particular challenges to her staff group. The Maze allows groups of participants to take on the role of Suzie’s staff group in order to plan their responses to her difficulties. Faced with a series of options, they have to decide what action to take. Each decision leads to a new situation and more options. New problems arise, others are overcome, and staff must continually revise their strategies and priorities. If they are successful, they will reach the end of the Maze having made significant progress and with an optimistic view of the future. If not, they may find themselves stuck in the middle, unable to move in any direction.

The Maze is an enjoyable and stimulating experience which raises important service issues for many “Suzie Browns” who actually exist.

ISBN 1-892696-09-6
71 Pages

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