The Exemplar Employee


The Exemplar Employee
Rewarding & Recognizing Outstanding Direct Contact Employees
"Although the program includes financial increases, its essence is recognition, which leads to personal growth, greater productivity, and workplace joy." – A. Dykstra and D. Gustafson
Everyone needs to feel that his or her efforts are appreciated. The Exemplar Employee award picks up where a paycheck and a "thank you" leave off. It targets direct care workers—the employees who leave their jobs most often. Tell your employees who go beyond the call of duty, and stand out because of their caring and dedication, that you appreciate them without reservation. Use this innovative approach to place them in a select group, and invite them to help identify the next rising stars in the organization. Studies show that strong role models can greatly affect performance in an organization. This book shows you how to use the Exemplar award to harness this valuable asset. Learn how to structure the nomination process, how to inform employees, and how to maximize the benefits of your Exemplar program.
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Format: spiral-bound
Pages: 49
ISBN: 978-1-892696-03-8
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Table of Contents

Introduction What Does It Mean to Be an Exemplar? So How Can One Achieve Exemplar Status? The Selection Criteria Length of Service; Employment Status; Attendance Variables Interpersonal Relationships; Work Performance; Learningfulness Further Ground Work The Nomination Process Who May Nominate and How Many Nominations May Be Submitted? The Nomination Form Getting Started Review and Selection of Exemplars Notification of Selected Candidates The Exemplar Package Other Considerations Costs Maintaining High Performance Exemplars as Organizational Constituents Why Does It Work? Organizational Benefits Appendixes A. Exemplar Employee Nomination Form B. Letter of Congratulations C. Exemplar Certificate of Achievement D. "Good for You, Good for Us" Trinity Frog Card


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