The Lillie Leapit Award


The Lillie Leapit Award
Using Organizational Symbols to Facilitate Employee Recognition
"Committee members keep the date a secret so that all the employees are surprised. The surprise factor of a celebration adds fun to the occasion and, once again, anchors the memory." – Deborah Gustafson
Mascots can grin, dance, flip-flop and giggle their way into the hearts of sports fans, consumers and yes, even employees. The Lillie Leapit Award uses a frog mascot to recognize hard-working employees at Trinity Services, Inc. Any organization that wants to boost morale and show appreciation for its employees can create a fun, effective progam just like it. Learn how to go beyond the essential pay and bonus system and reach employees' need for fun, pride and belonging. Discover the reasons for a comprehensive recognition strategy, and how to develop, evaluate and maintain a lively program. Sample documents and illustrations are included.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Leaping to Recognize The Importance of Recognition The Comprehensive Recognition Strategy The Culture of the Organization The Use of Rituals, Symbols, Mascots, Stories, and Metaphors Developing a Recognition Program The Development of the Lillie Leapit Award The Celebration The Lillie Leapit Award Package Barriers and Hurdles to Success Evaluation Other Considerations Are You Ready to Enhance Your Organizational Culture? Appendixes A. Example of a Frog Gram B. Frog Note to Recipient C. Letter of Congratulations D. Frog Certificate of Appreciation E. Photos of Nominations, Visits, etc.
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