The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement


The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement, 2nd Edition

“The author challenges the reader to do with rather thando for, to focus on participation rather than readiness, and to believe in possibilities rather than limitations.” – Derrick Dufresne, Community Resource Associates

Redefining the Elements of a Quality Life!

What elements do all persons need to experience a meaningful life? Valued relationships. Dignity, respect and choice. Meaningful activities. Full and abundant living. But, what outmoded policies, methods, attitudes, and habits need to change so that a person with an intellectual or developmental disability can experience these elements?

Dr. Pomeranz describes how certain mindsets can demean, degrade, devalue and dehumanize a person. He guides the service provider through the very best practices and the attitudes that go with them. He illustrates these ideas with lively stories, poetry, to-do lists, rules of thumb and illustrations.

You will enjoy Tom’s deep insights and real-life anecdotes. And, you now get all of his best ideas and tools in one book, at one low price. All four sections are contained in this new, updated edition.

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What others say about this book:

Universal Enhancement provides ideas and is a compass that guides, even on those days when landmarks are few.” – Margaret J. (Peggy) Gould, The VISIONS Center

“I actually feel the power of ‘How do I want to be treated?’ when thinking of our clients.” – Carolyn Miller, New Hope Village

“So relative to life in general, thought-provoking, so helpful in my own life situation–makes me want to make everyone’s life better by improving my own behavior. Tom’s passion is contagious and encouraging.” – Sharon Kromarek, Pride, Inc.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Art Dykstra
Section I: It Matters How We Say It
1. It Matters How We Say It: Using Universal Language
2. Two Visits and Some Observations
3. The Characteristics of the Institutional State of Mind
Section II: Challenging the Gatekeepers
4. Only Barrels Have Capacities
5. Gatekeepers and Other Exclusionist
6. Learning Through Participation
Section III: Obstacles to Opportunities
7. Supported Routines
8. Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
9. “Because We’re Not Children Anymore”
Section IV: Venturing Beyond the Iron Gate
10. Beyond Mere Integration to Full Inclusion
11. The Elements of Getting a Life
12. Having a Life…and Beyond

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