Vantage Point


Vantage Point
A Dynamic Twist on Employee Orientation
by George Suess with Jim Heikkinen
A new employee in an agency that serves people with disabilities must learn how to understand, communicate with, and support people in ways that are different from anything they have ever experienced. But, how can the employee possibly understand how a person with a disability feels? Vantage Point puts the new employee into the place of a person who can't walk, a person who can't see, and persons who face other challenges due to a disability. In a detailed and entertaining account, journalist Jim Heikkinen takes the reader through his day as a new employee experiencing a Vantage Point orientation. George Suess outlines the steps needed to start a Vantage Point program and explains how a successful program can teach empathy skills and remove common stumbling blocks in the training process.
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Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-1-892696-21-2
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What others are saying about George Suess, in his workshops:

"Wonderful outlook!" "Good sense of humor!" "Loved his enthusiasm and knowledge, gave me a renewed intensity for my career and to continue what I'm doing." "...a lot of passion and enthusiasm." "I wish George was my CEO." "Your enthusiasm and positivity are contagious."
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