Making Sense of ADHD



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When ADHD Medications Fail

Why are so many children and adolescents who have ADHD falling through the cracks? Parents feel guilty and powerless. Their children struggle with diminished self-esteem. According to Dr. James Lewis, the answer is that it’s never just ADHD!

Dr. Lewis has discovered, through his over 30 years of ADHD experience, that every child who has ADHD also has at least one coexisting condition that will need to be managed. Some of the conditions that frequently coexist with ADHD include:

      • Anxiety

      • Anger and mood swings

      • Insomnia and sleep difficulties

      • Emotional impulsivity

      • Learning disabilities

Dr. Lewis has formulated a strategy that gives families a comprehensive plan that takes into account the unique set of conditions that have been holding a child back. The plan is designed to help the child reach both academic and social success. When the ADHD and the coexisting conditions are managed, the child can fully use their innate strengths to meet their goals and gain the success they’ve been desperately seeking.

The strategy involves:

    • A problem-solving process

    • Getting the right treatment for the ADHD

    • Identify and manage specific coexisting conditions

    • How to create and lead an ADHD support team

Parents know that failure is not an option! With the comprehensive strategy fully explained in Making Sense of ADHD, your efforts will be rewarded at home and at school. Parents find they are not alone on this journey as they put into place the plan that helps their child with ADHD and beyond, while children grow into the adults they were meant to be.

Publisher: High Tide Press Release: November 2018 350 Pages - Trade Hardback ISBN - 9-781892696588

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