Getting IT Done Right


Getting IT Done Right: Pragmatic Wisdom for Human Service Managers

"This book challenges Human Service Professionals to fully realize their commitment to high-quality services by dedicating themselves to learning essential management skills."

Human Services Management is a job that helps ensure that all people receive the care and assistance that they need. Often employees have a handful of excuses regarding why they cannot provide the best service/help and they are often about resources. This is just one of the issues author Vincent D. Pettinelli addresses in this book.

Vincent D. Pettinelli found himself in a position as Manager of an Intellectual Disability Center immediately after graduate school over 30 years ago. Although eager and pleased with his new job, he instantly found himself overwhelmed by the new situation and isolated himself from the other employees. Enrolling in a management program at the University of Alabama Business School, he realized that the naive strategies he was putting into practice were creating a negative impact. His thirst to continue learning and educating himself has never stopped and he shares his wisdom and years of experience in Getting IT Done Right.

Unlike generic management books, Getting IT Done Right focuses on the unique issues faced by Human Service Managers. Many organizations either pay for their managers’ education or enroll them in company-based management training. “Not so in Human Services,” says Pettinelli. “Managers who are untrained risk producing mediocre results for their clients. This book challenges Human Service Professionals to fully realize their commitment to high-quality services by dedicating themselves to learning essential management skills.”

Conversational in tone, the book addresses:

The role of a manager is in Human Services today and the core qualities needed to excel Questions a clinician should ask themselves when they’re considering whether or not to move into management How to create a team which is set up to succeed and the organizational structure needed How to handle complexities of external organizations to coordinate best results How to handle a crisis with relevant examples Challenges with finances in Human Services – accountability and importance of people knowing how their charity and tax dollars are being spent Why caring is not enough – critical to know your numbers and how your financial system is designed to produce the best client results Importance of measuring positive changes in your client populations to be able to defend the efficacy of your services to anyone Creating a positive community in your organization which motivates employees to do their best The importance of mentoring young managers and what’s needed for a mentoring relationship to work well And so much more… including the most important piece of advice Pettinelli would give a new manager in Human Services

“The higher you go up the flagpole the more your butt shows. It's really true, you become a target unlike you've ever been before because you're by yourself. You are often times leaving the support systems that you had as a younger manager and are now in a more rarefied environment. I think people need to make conscious choices to move up the ladder or up the flagpole. If they're willing to take the risk, there are a lot of wonderful things that are commensurate with increasing management responsibilities. There are problems but there are wonderful experiences.” – Vincent D. Pettinelli

VINCENT D. PETTINELLI, MSW has over 40 years of senior management experience in the organization, administration, and provision of services in both the public and private sectors to persons with mental retardation, developmental disabilities, mental illness, and geriatric dementia. He is an author, lecturer and educator on the subjects of entrepreneurship and human services management and developed a Master’s Degree Program for Human Services Managers for National Louis University and the University of St. Thomas in Houston with two books under his name: Human Services Management That Works, published by IDS Publishing Corporation, 1990 and his latest, a revised and updated edition of the first entitled Getting IT Done Right: Pragmatic Wisdom for Human Service Managers, High Tide Press, November 2018. Vince holds Diplomats in The American Psychotherapy Association, The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, and the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy. As an educator, Vince has served on the adjunct faculty of the Ohio State University School of Social Work, the University Of South Carolina Department of Social Work, and the Temple University School of Social Work.
Getting IT Done Right: Pragmatic Wisdom for Human Service Managers[spacer height="10px"] High Tide Press - November 2018 ISBN - 978-1-892696-62-5


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