Creating A Positive Culture


How do you achieve consistently excellent outcomes when people are your primary means for fulfilling your organization’s mission, and you can’t always pay more to get the skills, experience, or knowledge you need? Only a positive, values-based culture, one that supports every employee to be better than they thought they could be, can come close to making that happen.

A strong, positive culture is the cure for “Staff Infections.”

Discover the keys to creating a healthy, robust organizational culture, including:
•The critical importance of shared values
•The few core values that form the foundation of a positive culture
•The critical importance of optimism and a positive outlook
•How appreciation drives engagement (and the important difference between appreciation and recognition)
•How to notice the cultural artifacts that will give you clues about your organization’s current culture

Strong positive cultures do not come into existence on their own, nor do they remain great on their own.
It isn’t one thing…it’s everything.

Art Dykstra, President, and CEO of Trinity Foundation, Inc., is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences sharing ideas on leadership, organizational culture, strategic planning, and systems thinking. He has authored numerous journal articles, publications and thought pieces. Art has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in psychology, public administration and executive leadership. Art retired as Trinity Services CEO in 2018 and is now CEO of The Cherry Hill Consulting Group and Executive Publisher at High Tide Press.

Under Art’s leadership, Trinity has won awards for managerial excellence including the psychologically healthy workplace in Illinois award from the American Psychological Association and the Chicago top workplaces award.

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