Dale Mitchell, Ph.D.

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Dale Mitchell, Ph.D.
Managed Care & Developmental Disabilities
Dr. Dale Mitchell is a clinical assistant professor of human development in the Department of Disability and Human Development (DDHD) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He is also a research associate for theState of the States in Developmental Disabilities project.

Dr. Mitchell serves as the associate director for administration at the DDHD and directs the Family Clinic. The clinic employs four interdisciplinary teams that provide outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services to about 1,000 families in the Chicago area each year.

Dr. Mitchell has more than 30 years of experience in the developmental disabilities field. He has worked in both public and private residential programs serving people with developmental disabilities. And, he has authored or co-authored 15 publications. These include studies of wages and turnover among direct contact staff, nursing home reform, resource allocation in the developmental disabilities sector, and the impact of managed care on persons with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Mitchell holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Aurora University, a master's in public administration from Northern Illinois University, and doctorate in public health sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
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